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personal statement

The personal statement is distinctly different than the essays you wrote for your undergraduate program. For graduate school, admissions officers expect a higher degree of maturity, a stronger sense of purpose, as well as more specifics regarding your goals. They still want to know all about you, but the lens from which they evaluate your narrative is very different. They aren't that interested in what you did in high school; they want to know what you've done with your college education: what you've learned academically, what insights you've gained, and what new experiences you've acquired. And everything must relate to the field you will be pursuing in graduate school.


While the tone of the personal statement will be more mature and serious-minded, it should still be very interesting to read and you still want to engage the reader as much as possible. But they want substance and they want a clear sense of direction about where you're headed. Also, don't be afraid to dream big – they would love to hear all about your ambitious goals, your grand plans for your future, and how you will make an impact in your field and change the world!


Regardless of the particular graduate program that you are pursuing, we can help you create a powerful personal statement that will impress the admissions committee. We have extensive expertise and experience with the full gamut of graduate programs:

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Ready to begin your journey to graduate school? Leverage our knowledge and expertise and let's create that phenomenal personal statement together!

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