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We’re excited to introduce two invaluable resources written by Dennis Vidach, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Advisor of The College Admissions Experts. With his extensive experience with the college admissions process and unmatched expertise in crafting compelling essays, Dennis has authored two must-have books for aspiring college and graduate school applicants.

How To Write an Amazing College Admissions Essay

Unlock the secrets to creating a standout college admissions essay with this comprehensive guide. Inside, you'll find expert advice, proven strategies, and practical tips to help you navigate the essay-writing process with confidence. From understanding the prompts to crafting captivating narratives, Dennis shares his insider knowledge to help you showcase your unique story, experiences, and aspirations effectively. This book is a trusted companion for students, parents, and educators alike, offering a roadmap to success in gaining admission to your dream college.

How to Craft a Stunning Personal Statement for Graduate School

Embarking on the journey to graduate school? This book is your go-to resource for crafting an exceptional personal statement that will make a lasting impression on admissions committees. Dennis demystifies the graduate school application process, offering insights and guidance specifically tailored to aspiring graduate students. You'll discover how to articulate your academic goals, research interests, and personal experiences in a compelling and persuasive manner. With a focus on highlighting your qualifications, passion, and fit with the program of your choice, this book equips you with the tools to create a standout personal statement that sets you apart from the competition.


Both books provide actionable advice, examples, and exercises to help you refine your writing skills and develop essays that leave a lasting impact. Whether you're a high school student dreaming of your ideal college or a graduate school hopeful, these books are essential companions on your path to success.


Invest in your future today and gain the knowledge and insights you need to excel in the highly competitive admissions process.

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