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How A Student Was Accepted to Harvard With The Letter S Essay

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

In the competitive landscape of college admissions, standing out is paramount. One recent Harvard admit achieved this with an unorthodox approach: an essay expressing her disdain for the letter "S." The Letter S Essay not only gained her admission to one of the world's most prestigious institutions, but also sparked discussions about creativity and originality in the application process. The essay serves as an inspiration and a testament to the power of authentic storytelling.

An Unconventional Approach To College Admissions Essays

Typically, college admissions essays focus on significant life events, passions, or experiences that have shaped the applicant's journey. Breaking away from this norm, the Letter S Essay took readers on a unique exploration of the author's aversion to a singular letter of the alphabet. Through cleverly crafted prose, she detailed the inconveniences and irritations that the letter "S" posed in her life.

The Essence Behind The Eccentricity

While the premise might appear quirky at first glance, the essay was far from a trivial rant. It served as a metaphorical representation of facing and overcoming challenges, no matter how trivial they might seem. By taking a seemingly insignificant annoyance and extrapolating it into a narrative of personal growth and resilience, the author demonstrated an exceptional ability for introspection and self-reflection.

Redefining Personal Vulnerability

Personal essays often tap into vulnerabilities, showcasing growth and resilience. In expressing her aversion to something as ubiquitous as the letter 'S', the writer displayed vulnerability in a different light. It wasn't about a major setback or life challenge; it was about addressing and articulating the nuances of a daily, seemingly insignificant struggle. This approach redefines how applicants might perceive and present personal vulnerabilities in their essays.

A Balancing Act: Originality vs. Relatability

While the Letter S Essay is a testament to the power of originality, it also brings forth the concept of relatability. The success of this essay doesn't just lie in its uniqueness but also in how readers, including the admissions committee, could relate to the idea of having irrational aversions or quirks. Future applicants should consider how to strike a balance between showcasing originality and ensuring that their narratives remain relatable to a diverse readership.

The Power of Creativity in Admissions

The success of the Letter S Essay highlights the evolving nature of college admissions. Admissions committees, inundated with thousands of applications, are increasingly valuing creativity and distinctiveness. This essay exemplifies how thinking outside the box can differentiate an applicant in a sea of similarly qualified individuals. It's a testament to the fact that admissions essays need not always be profound or monumental; sometimes, showcasing a unique perspective is enough to leave an indelible mark.

Implications for Future Applicants

The buzz created by the Letter S Essay is indicative of shifting paradigms in college admissions. It's a reminder that authenticity and originality can trump traditional narratives. Future applicants might take this as encouragement to embrace their quirks, crafting essays that genuinely reflect their personalities rather than adhering strictly to conventional themes.

However, a word of caution: while the Letter S Essay worked for this particular applicant, it's essential to remember that admissions committees evaluate essays in the broader context of the application. Not every unconventional essay will yield similar success. The takeaway here isn't to shun traditional narratives, but to find and hone one's authentic voice, whether it aligns with convention or charts its own path.

Ripple Effect in the Admissions Community

The Letter S Essay also prompted conversations among college counselors and educators. Its success poses questions about the evaluation criteria in elite college admissions. Is there a growing preference for novelty over substance? Or does this essay, with its blend of creativity and depth, set a new benchmark for what constitutes an impactful admissions essay?

Considering the Broader Harvard Community

The journey from drafting a college essay to gaining admission at an institution like Harvard is intricate and multifaceted. Harvard, like all institutions, isn't just looking for students with high academic achievements but also those who will enrich the community. The Letter S Essay might have signaled to the admissions committee a student who would bring a fresh perspective, enrich classroom discussions, and challenge the status quo, ultimately adding to the rich tapestry of the university's diverse student body. As the college admissions landscape continues to evolve, embracing one's individuality might just be the secret sauce to success.

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