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What Makes The Costco Essay So Great?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

In the realm of college admissions, few essays gain viral attention. However, when an essay does, it often becomes a topic of discussion and analysis among applicants, educators, and admissions experts alike. One such standout piece is the now-infamous Costco essay. Its acclaim has cemented it as an exemplary model of unique storytelling in the application process. But what elements contribute to its widely recognized greatness? Let's dissect its components to understand the reasons for its resounding success.

The Costco college admissions essay

Unconventional Openings Captivate Readers

The very beginning of the Costco essay grabs attention immediately. Opening with an anecdote that many might find surprising for a college essay, the writer immediately pulls readers into her world. The element of surprise, coupled with relatable details, serves to hook readers from the outset. This strategy underscores the importance of having a strong, captivating introduction in any essay. It sets the tone and encourages readers to journey with the writer.

The Allure of Ordinary Settings

At first glance, Costco, a wholesale warehouse, might seem like an unconventional choice for a college essay backdrop. Yet, it's this very choice that sets the stage for relatability. The Costco essay capitalizes on an ordinary setting, transforming it into a metaphorical exploration of intellectual curiosity and personal growth. By weaving a narrative around familiar aisles and free samples, it turns mundane experiences into profound reflections, demonstrating that inspiration can be found in the everyday.

Intricate Storytelling

A hallmark of the Costco essay is its intricate storytelling. The author seamlessly intertwines personal anecdotes with broader life lessons. This fusion creates a narrative that is both engaging and introspective. Every detail, from the initial excitement of entering Costco to the contemplation that ensues, is purposefully included to draw readers into the writer's world. It's a testament to the fact that effective storytelling isn't solely about grand events but also about the nuance with which ordinary moments are portrayed.

Intellectual Depth

While the essay begins with a playful tone, it quickly evolves to showcase the writer's intellectual depth. By juxtaposing childhood wonder with mature introspection, the Costco essay effectively highlights the author's evolution as a thinker. It's not just about a trip to Costco; it's an exploration of the writer's insatiable quest for knowledge. This portrayal of intellectual hunger makes it evident that the writer isn't just academically competent but also possesses a genuine love for learning.

Authentic Voice

One of the standout qualities of the Costco essay is its authentic voice. Throughout the narrative, the author's unique personality shines through, making the essay both memorable and distinct. This authenticity ensures that the essay doesn't read as a manufactured piece designed to impress but rather as a genuine glimpse into the writer's world and mindset. It serves as a potent reminder that authenticity often resonates more than perfection.

Symbolism Enhances Narrative

Throughout the essay, the writer uses Costco as a symbol of not just her curiosity, but of the vast and overwhelming nature of the world and the knowledge it holds. This use of symbolism enriches the narrative, allowing for multiple layers of interpretation. Symbolism can turn an ordinary story into an allegory, adding depth and layers to the narrative that invite readers to ponder and reflect.

Relatability and Universal Appeal

The genius of the Costco essay lies in its universal appeal. Most readers can relate to the experience of walking through a store, filled with wonder and curiosity. By tapping into this shared experience, the essay becomes universally relatable. It's not just a personal story; it's a narrative that echoes the collective experience of discovery and growth, making it resonate with a broad audience.

A Resounding Conclusion

Just as it started strong, the Costco essay concludes with impact, coming full circle. It reaffirms the themes introduced and leaves readers with lasting impressions and reflections. An impactful conclusion ensures that the narrative stays with the reader, reinforcing its core message and leaving a lasting mark.

The brilliance of the Costco essay extends beyond its engaging narrative; it serves as a blueprint for aspiring college applicants. It showcases that the most effective essays often emerge from ordinary experiences that are viewed through a lens of introspection and creativity.

For those embarking on their college admissions journey, the key lesson is clear: Embrace your authentic voice, find beauty in the mundane, and weave a narrative that truly reflects who you are. Need further guidance on crafting an essay that leaves a lasting impact? Visit our website for expert insights and tailored assistance to elevate your college admissions essay.

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